Golden Bamboo Mao Feng - Organic

Tea gardens covered in mist and surrounded by bamboo groves is the pristine environment that these long slender unopened buds are plucked.

Tea DocentTea Docent Says "Creating golden liquor that seems to sparkle with a very delicate flavor with an aroma likened to young bamboo plants. From the 6,000 foot high Huang Shan mountains you see the valley covered in mist and yellow bamboo groves surrounding the tea garden. It is from this pristine environment, that these long slender unopened buds are plucked. Hairpoint refers to the tiny down which covers these needle tipped buds and creates a sparkle in the brewed liquor. Sweet and smooth with an aroma like a young bamboo infusion after infusion. We have infused the same leaf over a dozen times without exhausting its flavor. Overall this tea is less fussy and more giving than any green tea of comparable greatness."

Organic Golden Bamboo Mao Feng Green Tea

"This green tea is organically grown in China"

Sourced from farmers and processors who understand all things are connected and are guided by a deep respect for the planet.

* Tea Docent is not a doctor or scientist, but rather a Sage who shares Wisdom, Rituals and Beliefs that have existed for thousands of years to help guide you through a lifestyle of healthy living. Forever a "student of the leaf" ensures Tea Docent may serve as your trusted guide.

15 Serving Box Contains:
30 grams of Loose Leaf Tea
Also Known As:
Huangshan Mao Feng
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