Kyoto Karigane - Organic

So Delicious with Amazing Affects, now in a more economical package. see Stay Focused and Stay Beautiful!

Tea Docent

Tea Docent says ” Consider a room temperature steeping for an even sweeter taste. When enjoying hot remember this small leaf will steep quickly so be mindful to not over steep. Pairs very well with everything except perhaps beef, too delicate. 

Subtle, exotic, tantalizing, always in harmony – Asian Cuisine is at its most inviting when accompanied by this intriguing tea!”

Research done in Japan has shown many examples of positive effects on our memory and ability to focus when adding Kyoto Karigane tea to your lifestyle. You can view part of the Tokyo Broadcast showing the tests and results at Health References Tab. The sweeter mild taste of this Organic tea is guaranteed to linger in your memory for days too!

Organic Karigane is the result of both specific growing and processing methods. The finished tea contains high levels of the amino acid LTheanine. As you view the video above you can see how it affects the brain and our ability to both focus and remember. 

Also Found Here As: Stay FocusedStay Beautiful

Organic Kyoto Karigane Green Tea

"This green tea is organically grown in Uji, Japan"

Recommended Steeping Instructions:
Amount of tea:
 1 teaspoon 
Water Temperature: 165°F (boil water and let cool for 5-7 minutes)
Steeping Time: 30 seconds
Steeping Vessel: Kyusu or Steeping Cup
May also be cold infused at room temperature in 3 minutes
Recommended 3-5 steepings per serving


Sourced from farmers and processors who understand all things are connected and are guided by a deep respect for the planet.

* Tea Docent is not a doctor or scientist, but rather a Sage who shares Wisdom, Rituals and Beliefs that have existed for thousands of years to help guide you through a lifestyle of healthy living. Forever a "student of the leaf" ensures Tea Docent may serve as your trusted guide.

15 Serving Box Contains:
30 grams of Loose Leaf Tea
Bulk Bag Contains:
50 grams of Loose Leaf Tea
Also Known As:
Stay Focused, Stay Beautiful
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