White Peony - Organic

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Unusual tea created with silver downy buds and green and kaki leaves. All hand picked before the leaf is open then only slightly steamed. A delicate mellow light pale yellow liquor results. A bamboo fragrance with a nutty taste and a sweet herbaceous aftertaste.

We see white tea being produced all over the world these days, and many places around the world have mastered the processing techniques, but only in Fujian in the Funding area do you find the true sub-variety of the tea plant from which white tea was first created. Because the leaves have so little processing many suggest white tea has properties closer to the plant than most teas. There has been research suggesting the benefits of white tea may surpass others. Please see our health tips for more documented information on tea and health. While you read it, enjoy a nice cup of Organic White Peony!

Chinese Tribute Tea is one of the Seven Necessities of Life! You will be allured by the intriguing, mysterious, always delicious liquor that has captivated so much of the world for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us tea is a magical, medical plant that promotes vitality, controls weight and boosts immunity.

Organic White Peony White Tea

This white tea is organically grown in China


Sourced from farmers and processors who understand all things are connected and are guided by a deep respect for the planet.

** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


15 Serving Box Contains:
30 grams of Loose Leaf Tea
Also Known As:
Bai Mutan
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